Mieke Mosmuller’s Circle of Friends

Since 2012 the Circle of Friends of Mieke Mosmuller gives its very best to make her work more known and to give financial support.

Mieke Mosmuller thinks we ourselves should take the lead in our thinking, acting and feeling. Too often they are defined excluding our will. By bringing the will consciously into our thinking and acting, to which feeling is put in order, we can free ourselves from influences determining our lives unnoticed.

In a time during which lack of willpower is a social theme that is discerned insufficiently, we find this a powerful and inspiring call. That ’s why it is important for Mieke Mosmuller’s books to be read and her voice to be heard.

Mieke and Jos Mosmuller have already reached a wide and international audience. For a considerable part they have financed that from own means. That is a disproportionate burden.Therefore the Circle of Friends is very active in raising funds in order to avoid that Mieke and Jos Mosmuller have to carry the total burden of creating and distributing the work by themselves.

If you decide to support Mieke and Jos Mosmuller’s work financially, you will become a member of the Circle of Friends as well, unless you indicate you don’t appreciate this. Your contribution will go directly to Mieke and Jos Mosmuller. The activities of the Circle of Friends are being financed by the Initiative  Group of the Circle of Friends of Mieke Mosmuller.